Ricable Dedalus RCA Cable

Ricable Dedalus RCA Cable
  • Ricable Dedalus RCA Cable
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    Dedalus DR
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If it didn't exist it would have to be invented

Dedalus Signal is designed from the Invictus series to deliver balanced, neutral and detailed sound, with an elegant and musical timbre that really brings out the qualities of your equipment.

+250% more performance than a standard cable*.

MARC© Copper Conductors

Copper RCC© connectors

R-TEC© insulation

DEDALUS SIGNAL - Audio Cable Hi-End RCA Stereo interconnect Hi-Fi

Semi-balanced high fidelity cable for connecting an analogue source to an amplifier. Ideal for bringing out the acoustic performance of high quality equipment. MARC 7N Copper conductor and Pure Copper connectors.

Dedalus Signal

Music is a stream that brings emotions straight to the heart, and we know exactly how best to transport this precious signal. That's why attention to detail is so important. You, like us, are looking for perfection, which is why choosing a cable that meets your expectations is essential. With Dedalus Signal we are doing the right thing and here is why.

Key features

The Dedalus Signal cable allows you to enjoy extraordinary transparency, making your listening more natural, more vivid, more real. Dedalus Signal performs a far more important miracle than adding something to your system, it allows nothing to be lost along the way.

  • PROJECT: Dedalus Signal is a Hi-End cable with marked Audiophile characteristics, deriving directly from the Invictus Signal series. It stands out for its neutrality and detail, thanks to a bright and musical sound that gives a well-defined and balanced soundstage. Dedalus Signal is designed to connect electronics where you want to bring out the best features of the devices.
  • MARC conductor70% compared to OFC: 0.55 mm2 conductors made of copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) with 0.08 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface, allowing 70% better audio transmission than OFC copper.
  • COPPER CONNECTORS 30% compared to BRASS: All-copper RCA connectors with hot-pole expansion system. With these connectors 24K Gold plated with a specific Gold/Copper electrolysis technique, there is an improvement in electrical parameters of over 30% compared to common brass connectors.
  • REFINED CONSTRUCTION: Semi-balanced geometry with insulation and conductor stranded with crankpin detorsion to eliminate stress on the conductors. The insulating materials used are derived from R-TEC technology with special polyethylenes and treated cotton. Triple total shielding with mixed Copper/Aluminium/Magnesium system to cover all audio frequencies from EMI/RFI interference.
  • DEDALUS DOESN'T CORRECT, BUT REVEALS: All technical and constructional measures have a precise aim: to maintain impeccable neutrality and at the same time allow the equipment to reveal its true quality. Because colouring the signal is the antithesis of the search for a sound that is faithful to the original.

Models of the Dedalus Signal Series:

mod. DR05: Pair of 0.5 metre cables
mod. DR1: Pair of 1-meter cables
mod. DR2: 2 metres pair of cables
mod. DR3: Pair of 3-meter cables