Titan Audio Nyx Power Cable (free local delivery to SF station )

Titan Audio Nyx Power Cable (free local delivery to SF station )
  • Titan Audio Nyx Power Cable (free local delivery to SF station )
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The new Nyx mains cable from Titan Audio is the first model a brand new range and is produced for source or low current components.

Designed to be an entry level mains cable it nevertheless encompasses all the technology of its larger siblings but at a very affordable price and offering exceptional value for money.
The cable is offered in a 1.5metre length as after extensive testing with Queens University Belfast we concluded that this length showed the greatest benefit in sound quality and least resistance. We found that in shorter lengths there was a considerable drop in performance which is why we only offer a minimum length of 1.5 metres on all the current mains cable range.


Reducing Interference

While the Nyx cable is rated as our new entry level cable, that does not reflect the work and design which has gone into this cable. Maintaining the high standards , which can be seen throughout our entire cable collection, the Nyx mains cable offers superior power delivery, shielding and acoustic benefits over OEM cables. It reduces both EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio Frequency interference) in the mains supply. It also reduces the effects of airborne interference such as Wi Fi, Bluetooth and other long and short wave interference.


Description                 3 core 0.75 mm OFC copper with

Material                     OFC ( Oxygen Free Copper)

Construction             Multicore Dual Drain

Dielectric                   Extruded PVC (heavy duty)

Screen                       Braided Steel Screen

Sheath Colour           Orange/Black

Capacitance               TBA

Inductance                 TBA

Resistance                 TBA

Outside Diameter     TBA

Current Capacity       6 AMP