Dali Oberon 1 Speaker

Dali Oberon 1 Speaker
  • Dali Oberon 1 Speaker
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The DALI OBERON 1 is a ultra compact bookshelf speaker. The cabinet size enables an optimal balance between inner volume for bass performance and a compact appearance for easy integration - suited for smaller rooms, discreet audio setups or wall mounting. It features the same oversized 29 mm ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter as its floor-standing siblings, and a SMC based 5.25" wood fibre woofer to handle lower midrange and bass. The OBERON 1 is based on the most innovative DALI ideas, traditions and inventions - united in a sleek compact design.


Given its ultra-compact size, the OBERON 1 is the smallest addition to the OBERON line-up. The cabinet size enables an optimal balance between inner volume optimised for bass performance, and a compact cabinet design suited for smaller rooms, discreet audio setups or wall mounting.

Like its larger siblings, the OBERON 1 makes use of the oversized 29 mm ultra light-weight soft dome tweeter to handle the highs and detailed mids, while the SMC based 5.25" wood fibre woofer renders the lower midrange and well-timed bass. With the launch of the DALI OBERON loudspeaker series, we have picked the best elements from our current speakers and brought them together in a series that delivers on audio quality, looks and versatility.

The compactness of the OBERON 1 makes it easy to integrate into any room. To achieve a wide dispersion pattern in the listening area, the driver materials and geometry applied in the OBERON 1 have been carefully selected. The same principles have been applied in the design of the crossover.

As result, you will experience a well-integrated sound, even when listening at a significant off-axis angle. This is important as you are rarely seated directly in front of your loudspeakers when listening to music. An added benefit is seriously reduced harmonic distortion and diffractions causing frequency distortion, as these will always be stronger in an on-axis response. This is also the reason why all DALI speakers are not designed to be toed-in.


With the use of SMC in the OBERON 1 woofer, mechanical distortion caused by hysteresis and eddy currents is greatly reduced. This improvement in the magnet motor system results in a lowering of the third order distortion. This allows the OBERON 1 to present longer listening pleasure with a relaxed midrange and a surprising amount of detailing for the class.

The magnet motor itself consists of a large ferrite magnet that sorrounds a pole piece made with a unique combination of iron and SMC. The iron ferrrite forms the lower base of the pole cylinder, topped of with 10 mm SMC disk to crown the pole piece. This combination minimizes the negative effects of the iron, while placing the SMC disk right in the main working area of the 4-layer voice coil. This placement ensures the maximum effect from the SMC on the voice coils environment, resulting in a greatly improved constant flux field.


Product series :  OBERON

Frequency Range : (+/-3 dB) [Hz]     51 - 26,000

Sensitivity  : (2,83 V/1 m) [dB]   86

Nominal Impedance [ohms] :  6

Maximum SPL [dB] : 106

Recommended Amplifier Power [W]  :   25 - 100

Crossover Frequency [Hz] :     2,800

Crossover Principle :  2-way

High frequency driver, Quantity :   1 x 29 mm

High frequency driver, Diaphragm type :  Soft Textile Dome

Low frequency driver, Quantity :    1 X 5.25"

Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type :  Wood Fibre Cone

Enclosure type  :     Bass Reflex

Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] :  50

Connection Input  :   Single Wire

Magnetic Shielding

Recommended Placement  :  Shelf or stand

Recommended Distance From Wall [cm]  :  1 - 50

Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm] :   274 x 162 x 234

Accessories Included :    Manual, Rubber Feet, Front Grille

Weight [kg]  :   4.2

Finishes : Light Oak \ walnut \ Black \ White