QED Reference Ruby Anniversary Evolution 2M 3M

QED Reference Ruby Anniversary Evolution 2M 3M
  • QED Reference Ruby Anniversary Evolution 2M 3M
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QED's celebration at 40 years of being the pioneers in audio and connectivity has extended itself to the Ruby Anniversary Evolution speaker cable, an improved tweaking of the excellent Ruby Anniversary cable. In this recent upgrade, the Aircore™ technology utilised on the Audio40 analogue interconnects has been carried over in a new miniature format.

Ruby Anniversary Evolution has a fairly conventional figure of eight form on the outside but within this clear polyethylene outer ten 99.999% OFC conductor cores wrap around an inner hollow core. Using this design "skin effect" is reduced which results in a wider frequency range using more of the available conductor.

The individual copper strands are visible through the jacket, giving this cable its unique look. Ruby Anniversary combines high-end cable technologies with a reasonable price point which makes it ideal for mid to high end hi-fi and home theatre applications. We highly recommend this cable as a step up from regular copper or budget wires.

  • TickQED technology from Genesis and X-Tube cables
  • TickUpdate cable design
  • TickAircore™ Technology to avoid 'skin effect'
  • TickEffective figure of 8 configuration
  • Tick2 x 6mm diameter, clear polyethylene outer sheath
  • TickOverall dimensions 6mm x 12.5mm
  • TickFive 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper central conductors of 37/0.146mm stranding (giving a CSA of 3mm2) individually insulated from each other by 5 low density polyethylene filler rods OD 1.02mm
  • TickConductors and insulating rods wound around a hollow PE central core of 2.32mm OD using a 90mm opposing lay and held firmly in place by a 100% clear Mylar wrap
  • TickCapacitance 33.4pF/m. Loop Inductance 0.61uH/m. Loop resistance 0.011m ?/m
  • TickDissipation Factor@10kHz: 0.0001