Oyaide Vinyl Stabilizers MSX Made in JP

Oyaide Vinyl Stabilizers MSX Made in JP
  • Oyaide Vinyl Stabilizers MSX Made in JP
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Oyaide's record pressure further upgraded to "STB-MSX" and "STB-HWX". Carbon fiber glass fiber reinforced plastic is used for the top plate and chassis instead of the previous model Texalium. The excellent vibration treatment of carbon fiber reinforced plastic further improves the sound quality. A5052 aluminum alloy composes the top plate and the chassis, the counterweight is made of chrome-plated brass, EPDM rubber counterweight gaskets and carbon FRP that convert vibration into heat, and four types of composite materials are used to disperse the vibration mode, thereby eliminating Unnecessary vibration. Will interfere with analog playback. Bring out the vividness of music.

The functions of the previous model, the variable mass type obtained by attaching and detaching the weight, the sound quality adjustment by the carbon fiber FRP weight "STB-CM", and the EP adapter function remain the same. The stylish appearance of "STB-MSX" and "STB-HWX" has been carefully designed to be held comfortably in the hand and can be safely and reliably placed on the recording board. We have a lineup of the standard model "STB-MSX" and the heavyweight model "STB-HWX" with excellent usability, which can satisfy the tastes of various analog users.

Product name STB-MSX
Composition Top and bottom disc 1 each (A5052 Aluminum alloy cutting + carbon FRP)
Weight x 6 / connecting shaft x 1 (brass chrome plating)
Weight spacer x1 (EPDM rubber)
Mass / Dimensions STB-MSX 200g (without weight) to 440g (with weight full) * Mass can be changed in 40g units ・ φ70mm H35mm