Oyaide Head Shell HS-CF (with HSR-AG lead wire) Made in JP

Oyaide Head Shell HS-CF (with HSR-AG lead wire) Made in JP
  • Oyaide Head Shell HS-CF (with HSR-AG lead wire) Made in JP
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A strong will that is never passed by the times and an inquisitive spirit that always pursues originality. With these as the driving force, Oyaide Electric has always launched products with identity. In 2007, Oyaide Electric will move on to a new stage. We are entering the analog category based on our commitment to products that we have cultivated over many years. Deepening interest and nostalgia for analog. Furthermore, a new impression that will be discovered from there.

Emotional and exciting moments. "HS-CF" was created by quickly detecting the needs of the times. A solitary presence that overwhelms others. Words are no longer needed to express "HS-CF". At first glance, anyone can easily feel the potential hidden in "HS-CF".

The unique character of HS-CF is strongly expressed in the carbon fiber texture, the brilliance of the matt silver finger hooks, and the design that creates a spartan atmosphere in the elegance. 4.0mm thick CFRP (17-layer prepreg material) is integrally molded with a mold. Achieves smooth damping without changing the vibration moment.

For the socket part, resin is press-fitted into the aluminum coupling, and the contact pin is gold-plated on brass. In addition, a shell lead with double silk insulation of 5N sterling silver wire is attached, and a rhodium-plated phosphorus bronze shell tip is attached to the terminal.

Product name HS-CF
Shell 4.0mm thick CFRP (17-layer prepreg material)
Socket aluminum coupling press-fit resin insulation
Contact brass gold plated
Dimensions L = 56mm W = 20mm H = 15.9mm
Accessories 5N Sterling Silver Shell Lead HSR-AG (Attached to HS-CF)
Aluminum screws (M2.6 / 2 length 7 mm, M2.6 / 2 length 12 mm)
Aluminat (2 M2.6 size)