Oyaide Tunami II SP-B V2 (Banana Plug) Made in JP

Oyaide Tunami II SP-B V2 (Banana Plug) Made in JP
  • Oyaide Tunami II SP-B V2 (Banana Plug) Made in JP
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    SP-B V2
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    Speaker Cable
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Oyaide Denki's "Precision Conductor 102 SSC" was completed after two years of foothold. The sold-out speaker cable "TUNAMI NIGO V2" was born in response to this benefit. "TUNAMI II SP-B V2" is a terminal-processed finished product model equipped with Oyaide Denki's proud banana plug "SRBN" in order to maximize the dynamism of "TUNAMI NIGO V2". The ease of mounting on the speaker terminal is unique to "SRBN". The tone, which also includes the vibration damping properties of the tough machined aluminum branch stabilizer, takes the "TUNAMI NIGO V2" to a higher level. With the perfect fit of the amp and speakers, the "TUNAMI II SP-B V2" invites you to a flood of mellow and dynamic sound.


Free Cable Burn-In Service Option Using audiodharma Cable Cooker™

Product name TUNAMI II SP-B V2 (banana plug specification speaker cable)
Cable structure 2-core cabtyre
Wire diameter 102SSC (hot / cold)
Cable conductor area 5.5SQ (69 / 0.32mm)
Insulator Polymer Polyolefin
Cable shield 1 layer-Electromagnetic wave absorber (amorphous-containing polyolefin)
2 layers-Semiconductor (carbon-containing compound)
3 layers-Copper foil tape (with drain wire)
Cable exterior sheath polyurethane
Cable outer diameter 14.0mm
Terminal banana plug (SRBN) is screwed and joined. Phosphor bronze cutting body is directly silver-plated (1.5μ) + rhodium-plated (0.3μ)
Branched aluminum round bar cutting product (branch stabilizer with vibration damping function)