Oyaide ACROSS 3000 B Speaker Cable Made in JP (Banana Plug)

Oyaide ACROSS 3000 B Speaker Cable Made in JP (Banana Plug)
  • Oyaide ACROSS 3000 B Speaker Cable Made in JP (Banana Plug)
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    ACROSS 3000 B
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The first ACROSS series appeared in 2006 with the epoch-making cross insulation structure "C.I.S" structure with the air layer as a damper. The greatness of its performance is recognized by everyone, and it boasts a cumulative total of over 100,000 meters of shipments with the core of Oyaide Electric as a cable. However, the production of the first ACROSS series will be completed in 2013 due to the end of the PCOCC-A conductor. After many difficulties, we created "Precision Conductor 102SSC" to replace PCOCC-A and commercialized the new ACROSS series using this conductor. And now, the only remaining speaker cable "ACROSS 2000" in the ACROSS series will be upgraded to "ACROSS 3000" by "Precision Conductor 102SSC".

"ACROSS 3000" introduces precision conductor "102SSC" and Mishima Electric Wire's patented technology "3E twist". While inheriting the basic structure such as C.I.S structure and coaxial twin conductor as it is, the conductor cross-sectional area has been increased by 1.5 times compared to ACROSS 2000 (2.0sq⇒30.sq). This greatly reduces conductor resistance (0.84Ω ⇒ 0.63Ω / 100m). Achieved further improvement in transmission capacity. Please enjoy Oyaide's confident work that has been further refined by the latest technology.

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Product name ACROSS 3000 B
Cable ACROSS 3000
Cable structure C.I.S. (cross insulation stabilizer) structure
Cable conductor 102 SSC
Wire configuration 3.0Sq (37 / -3E twist)
Cable insulator cross-linked polymer polyolefin
Cable insulator outer circumference polyethylene
Halogen-free sheath outside the cable, only for audio
Cable outer diameter 9.2 x 18.5 mm
Banana plug SRBN (phosphorus bronze cutting + silver/rhodium 2-layer plating)
Conductor resistance 0.63Ω/ 100m (at 20℃)
Capacitance 34pF/m (1kHz)