Phasemation DG-100 Degausser

Phasemation DG-100 Degausser
  • Phasemation DG-100 Degausser
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MC step-up transformers and MC cartridges containing an iron core are magnetized due to long years of use and various causes. When magnetized, a magnetic bias is applied and the operating point gets off position causing distortion in the music signal that is being played and deterioration of the sound quality. In order to restore the original sound quality of a product, the magnetized magnetism must be removed.

By using our knowledge of producing MC step-up transformers and iron core MC cartridges, Phasemation will release the DG-100 which is the best for degaussing.

Effectively remove the magnetic flux remaining in the magnet due to the long use of the cartridge. The booster cattle can also be degaussed with DG-100, and the degaussing time is 20 seconds.

Output Oscillation Frequency 440Hz + 5%
Output Voltage 0.7Vrms or more
Output Waveform Exponential Decay Waveform for 20sec.
Output Impedance 280Ω
Dimensions 69(W) x 28(H) x 121(D)mm
Weight 172g
Output Terminals (RCAx2) Gold Plated Terminals