KOJO Technology Crystal 3P Power Block - US

KOJO Technology Crystal 3P Power Block - US
  • KOJO Technology Crystal 3P Power Block - US
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The new innovation of MIS structure connection tap is here!

"Crystal3.1: Crystal 3.1", the successor to Force bar3.1, is now on sale!

Inheriting the concept of the Force bar series, we have added functions according to market demands and reviewed the details to further improve the sound quality.

Features of Crystal 3.1

Adopts the well-established "MIS (Mechanical Isolation System) " structure

Like the previous Force bar series, the body consists of three parts: TOP cover, BOTTOM chassis, and sub-chassis.

All parts from the inlet to the outlet are mounted on the sub-chassis, and by making them independent (suspended in the air) from the outer case (TOP cover, BOTTOM chassis), unnecessary vibration from the outside that affects the power tap is attenuated.

Titanium spacers have traditionally been used for the joint between the TOP cover and sub-chassis, but Crystal 3.1 and 6.1 have a damping alloy that can attenuate from extremely low frequencies to the ultrasonic region: M2052.* 1Uses a spacer (non-magnetic material). The attenuation of unnecessary vibration is made higher.

Body material with increased rigidity and robustness

For the body consisting of three parts, the TOP cover has been changed from steel to aluminum, and the BOTTOM chassis and sub-chassis have been changed from aluminum to steel for the Force bar series.

As a result, the weight of both Crystal3.1 / 6.1 has been increased by about 20% (Crystal3.1: 550g⇒665g) and (Crystal6.1: 907g⇒1080g).

In addition, the BOTTOM chassis, which is directly affected by vibration from the floor (installation surface), has not only the above-mentioned material changes, but also has been reinforced from 1.6 mm to 2.0 mm in thickness, and has excellent shock and vibration absorption. The original molded honeyite (made of inner and outer rubber) has been changed to a TAOC vibration absorbing sheet.These further improve the vibration suppression effect of MIS, increase the rigidity of the entire body, and greatly contribute to a sense of stability and high sound quality during setting.

Internal wiring material

The wiring material of the power supply line has been changed from 4N oxygen-free copper to tin-plated 1.6mm while inheriting the single wire material that actively utilizes the skin effect. It is wired straight so that it can be transmitted from input to output without loss.

Even when soldering each part, we carefully examine, select and use those containing special ingredients, and our company's special meisters work with skillful techniques.

High usability

Crystal3.1 has the number of outlets compatible with CD players, preamplifiers, and power amplifiers, which are considered to be common configurations in audio systems, and is equipped with 3 3P outlets with a grounding electrode + 1 2P outlet. .. The minimum number of outlets required is the most basic model because it suppresses the generation of empty outlets. In addition, the 2P outlet is ideal for connecting analog players, etc., and can be used as a service outlet capable of plus α.The AC adapter has various sizes, shapes, and insertion directions, and has the disadvantages of blocking adjacent outlets. However, by ensuring an appropriate distance from the outlet installation direction, a large AC adapter can be used. It is possible to use an adapter. (Following the functions of the Force bar series)In addition, the compact and slim body that meets user needs is extremely advantageous for accessories installed on the back of narrow audio systems, and it is possible to clean the wiring around the power supply.The ground terminal, which is unfamiliar with power strips from other manufacturers, is connected to the ground line of the internal wiring and the outer case, and is used in combination with a 2P outlet as a connection destination for the outlet plug with a ground wire found in power cables such as analog players. It works effectively by doing.

Unique connection function

The inlet of Crystal3.1 is unified to the international standard: IEC60320 C14, and it can be connected and expanded with other Crystal series (Crystal 3P / C1P, etc.) equipped with a connecting inlet plug (IEC60320 C13). Although both body size and weight have been changed, it is possible to connect with the Force bar series (Force bar3P / S1P, etc.) * 1.In addition, when connecting to the Crystal series equipped with a connecting inlet plug, a dedicated connecting plate * 2 is prepared to improve the coupling, and it can firmly hold and fix the rattling and rattling of the fitting part.The Crystal series will continue to introduce a wide variety of power strips by function, making it possible to build a highly expandable power strip system that matches individual audio systems.