Ricable Supreme hdmi 2.0b Cable MKII

Ricable  Supreme hdmi 2.0b Cable MKII
  • Ricable Supreme hdmi 2.0b Cable MKII
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SUPREME HDMI MKII Digital Video Cable HDMI 2.0 Bandwidth 29 Gbps and Audio I²S

Supreme MKII, the revision for I²S audio.

Why did we decide to improve with an MKII revision an HDMI cable with an outdated version like 2.0b? Simple, because Supreme HDMI performs darn well with these kinds of connections, which are still very common within a great many Audio/Video systems, and in these contexts it often performs even better than Visus 2.1.

Another very important reason for this Upgrade is the introduction in the Hi-Fi Audio world of the I²S protocol over HDMI port. This type of digital connection that is increasingly present in electronics, has transfer requirements that do not follow HDMI standards as is the case in the Video world, as we have ascertained that to carry this type INTERCONNECT to separate clock, the construction structure of Supreme HDMI is much better than HDMI 2.1 cables.

It is important to remember that in order to enjoy the performance and functionality of I²S over HDMI port, it is essential that the two devices have the same pinout, as there is no real standard as there is for HDMI video, consequently it may happen to have two devices with different pinouts.

Removable Shell , Great Comfort.

It is often the case, especially when it comes to home theater systems, that we are faced with the need to put HDMI cables in corrugated or conduit, and this becomes a problem when the connector is too large to pass through the wall.

To overcome this inconvenience, Ricable has implemented a removable shell in Supreme HDMI to greatly reduce the head size of the connector and allow easy transit in tubes with 20 mm clearance.

The procedure is very simple: following the instructions provided with the product, simply unscrew the two screws that hold the connector shell in place, momentarily remove the shell, run the cable through the corrugated, and reassemble the shell once the procedure is complete.

Supreme, HDMI 2.0 performance outstanding.

Optimize your system through mind-blowing data transfer with Ricable Supreme, the HDMI cable with +65% transfer rate (Bandwith 29 Gbps) over standard cables. TMDS and HEAC conductors are made of pure 24 AWG Solid Core Monocrystalline OCC Copper, featuring dedicated double shielding.

An HDMI 2.0b certified cable, the Supreme series not only meets the minimum specifications, required by the HDMI consortium, but far exceeds them and always offers the best on the market. The Supreme series is backward compatible to HDMI 1.4 and 1.3, both in functionality and features.

Ricable Supreme is designed all in Italy, supports 4K-60Hz, Ultra HD 3D. Full support for Dynamic HDR and ARC as well. Support for 21:9 wide-angle native playback, the same playback format as movie theaters, which is the future of Home Entertainment. Native support for up to 32-channel Audio for an unprecedented multidimensional experience.

Unique Vision

Supreme HDMI is the top of the line of our HDMI 2.0 production. Designed to offer the ultimate in A/V performance in the home cinema environment, it enables the best support of high-end HDR 4K set-ups for unique viewing. With the MKII version, we have optimized the use for Audio I2S

+65% performance compared to a standard cable*.

Bandwidth >29 Gbps

Conductors 24 AWG Copper OCC

Triple Enhanced Shielding

Optimized for I2S Audio Use

Channelling Facilitated