Titan Audio Nyx Mains Block + Nyx Signature Cable 1.5M US(Combo Set) US Only

Titan Audio Nyx Mains Block + Nyx Signature Cable 1.5M US(Combo Set) US Only
  • Titan Audio Nyx Mains Block + Nyx Signature Cable 1.5M US(Combo Set) US Only
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    Nyx Block + Nyx Signature Cable
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NYX Mains Block

Improving on the multi award winning Styx block, the new Nyx block features a vast array of improvement over its predecessor. The Styx block became the forefront of the Titan Audio range, having been awarded numerous 5 star reviews, and winning multiple awards.

The Nyx Block has been revolutionised, and incorporates more of our latest R&D that has been seen in our new cable range. Externally the new Nyx block features brand new isolation feet, created form materials which can also be fund in bulletproof jackets. This not only improves the rigidity of the block, but offers sonic improvements, thanks to the materials improved isolation properties. This comes in the from of increased flexibility allowing vibrations to be absorbed and neutralised. Furthermore, the isolation of the blocks body is further enhanced thanks to a subtle but noticeable improvement in the isolation foots design.

Internally the Nyx blocks incorporates its fully hard wired design, with each socket being independently wired which the same cable found in the Nyx Mains Cables. The key factor which makes this stand out from the blocks, is there is no loss of current from one end of the block to the other, meaning each piece of equipment benefits from this improved power delivery regardless of its placement in the block.  Many other blocks use a bus bar systems, which drops current as it travels up the block, meaning your equipment plugged it at the furthest socket, is not benefiting in any way.

In a similar fashion to all Titan Audio mains blocks, and following on from our own philosophy on mains cable and block design, the Nyx block allows for any mains cable to be used to power it, giving customers their own choice of cable, as well as an upgrade path without the need to change your mains block.                                                                                                                                              


Nyx Signature Cable

The new Nyx Signature mains cable from Titan Audio is the first High Current model in the new range and is designed for high current components such as amplifiers and mains blocks.

The Nyx signature is designed to work alongside the Nyx mains cable and is one of the most cost effective high current mains cables currently available.


It is ideal for using with the new Nyx mains block or any integrated or power amplifier. Like the Nyx cable it offers exceptional value for money without compromising the high standards we have at Titan Audio.

The Nyx Signature features very high quality conductors, a specialily designed braided sheath as well as featuring a very high quality mains plug and uniquely designed Wattgate IEC with red copper internal plated pins. For the UK version we are using a plug from highly rated UK manufacturer Permaplug coupled with a high quality busmann fuse. In the case of the Euro and US models we are using a specially designed gold plated mains plug.


3.5x the conductors

The Nyx Signature is a four core OFC copper cable with a speciality designed braided shield and offers 3.5 times the number of conductors and half the resistance of the standard Nyx Cable.

Although the Nyx Signature cable is rated as an entry level cable, no less time and research has gone into its design and construction.

Nyx Mains Block Specifications

Description             6 Sockets UK or US 

Internal Wire          OFC (Oxygen free copper)

Construction          Aluminium Body + 10mm Isolation feet

Current Capacity   15 AMP


Nyx Signature Cable Specifications

Description             4 core 1.5mm with OFC copper with

Material                   OFC (Oxygen free copper)

Construction         Multicore dual drain

Dielectric               Extruded PVC (heavy duty)

Screen                   Braided Steel screen

Sheath colour       Orange/black

Current Capacity   15 AMP