Oyaide AZ-910 RCA Cable- Made in JP

Oyaide AZ-910 RCA Cable- Made in JP
  • Oyaide AZ-910 RCA Cable- Made in JP
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The XLR cable "AR-910", which was released in 2008 and uses a 5N sterling silver conductor, was enthusiastically supported by high-end audio files not only in Japan but also overseas, and many people were waiting for the RCA version. In response to this request, the high-end RCA cable "AZ-910" based on the concept of "Pure Silver Pure Signal" will make a brilliant debut.

Similar to AR-910, the cable part of AZ-910 uses 5N sterling silver conductor twin-nax cable "FTVS-910". The 5N sterling silver conductor is subjected to skin pass processing to mirror the conductor surface and annealing treatment to alleviate stress strain, and brings out the excellent transmission capacity of silver to the utmost limit. The RCA plug uses "Sterling Silver Contact Ver. GENESIS" with a pipe-shaped 5N sterling silver center pin. This is a special product that is a modification of our finest RCA plug exclusively for AZ-910.

The audio solder "SS-47", which boasts a sterling silver content of 4.7%, is used for the solder, and the cable and RCA plug are assembled with high precision. The outstanding musical expression that the AZ-910 can reach raises the mindset of high-end audio files to the climax.

Silver (Ag) has a 5% higher conductivity than copper (Cu) and is the most electrical property known today, making it the ultimate conductor material in audio cables. However, silver is a rare metal that is more than 10 times more expensive than copper, and depending on its purity and processing process, the reproduced sound produced will differ.

Oyaide Electric has partnered with one of Japan's leading silver processing specialists in the manufacture of center pins for "FTVS-910" cable conductors made of 5N sterling silver and "sterling silver contact Ver. GENESIS" RCA plugs. Using a jewelry grade 5N (purity 99.9996%) virgin silver ingot that sets it apart from the industrial grade, it is melted with a ceramic crucible to prevent impurities from entering. Line drawing is performed by cold rolling process of 19 processes and low speed drawing process with diamond die.

Furthermore, after performing skin pass processing to mirror the conductor surface, it is annealed twice to alleviate the stress strain caused by drawing. All of these steps are carried out filled with an inert gas to prevent oxidation by oxygen. AZ-910 5N sterling silver conductors and 5N center pins are manufactured by strict quality control that sets it apart from other silver wire cables.

After our release of the XLR cable with 5N pure Silver conductors, “AR-910”, many audiophiles and customers have requested to us making pure silver interconnect with RCA connectors.

Finally on the 2011, we achieved to produce “AZ-910” under the concept of “Pure silver, Pure signal”.
The most distinctive feature of FTVS-910 is 5N pure silver conductor which is produced by advanced manufacturing processes including the continuous casting process that takes place in a high-frequency electric furnace, 19 stages of cold rolling, a drawing process and a final annealing operation. The insulator is also significant in enhancing the transmitting capabilities of the cable. For the purpose of lessening signal loss, we employed PFA which provides excellent electrical isolation and low electric permittivity. And also we selected PE (Polyethylene) which keeps permittivity to a minimum and enhances the flexibility of the cable. This layering of these different materials not only enhances the conductor's electric capabilities but also attenuates internal vibration by altering the resonance point.
The ultra silent background of the FTVS-910 is provided by a triple-layered shielding structure. The first semiconductor layer attenuates static noise and electric micro waves. The second copper foil shielding protects against high-frequency noise. The third, silver plated mesh shielding, protects against low-frequency noise.

1.0mm 5N(99.9995%)Pure Silver
PFA / Foamed polyethylene
PE / Copper foil + Silver plated copper(Blaided rate 90%)
UVcut polyurethane
110 Ω
electrostatic capacity
72.1 nF/Km
74.5 dB/Km
Conductor resistance
25 Ω/Km
Cable Diameter
Pure silver Ver. GENESIS



Length : 1.3M