Phasemation EA-300 MM/MC Phono Amplifier

Phasemation EA-300 MM/MC Phono Amplifier
  • Phasemation EA-300 MM/MC Phono Amplifier
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In 2010, we released Phono Amplifier EA-3II applying the semiconductor technologies for analog disk lovers, saying "Analog audio products are not fully mastered yet" as our catchword; and a lot of audio fans supported it and gave the high evaluation. Since then, we have looked for other options and have continued constant pursuance.

In this equipment, the power supply portion to be refined heavily containing a new design power transformer is adopted. We release EA-300; the well-received sound quality and features are improved furthermore by improving the circuits, and the appearance is changed to new sophisticated design.

Fully symmetrical circuit arrangement and selection of NFB amplifier circuit design. Double R-Core AC adapters are used to reduce vibration adjustment by mechanical grounding.

Form MM/MC  Non-feedback type Phono amplifier
Input Sensitivity 2.5mV 0.12mV
Input Impedance 47k ohm 470 ohm
Gain 38dB 65dB
Input Equivalent Noise level –124dBV –144dBV
Rated Output Voltage 200mV (1kHz)
RIAA Curve Deviation ±0.3dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
Output Impedance 250 ohm
Channel Separation 100dB or more (20Hz to 20kHz for MM or MC)
Power Consumption 10W (115 or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
External Measurements (mm) 310 (width) x 79 (height) x 335 (depth) with terminals
Weight 5kg