Phasemation EA-550 MM/MC Phono Amplifier

Phasemation EA-550 MM/MC Phono Amplifier
  • Phasemation EA-550 MM/MC Phono Amplifier
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Having in mind that “analogs too have a lot more to go,” we expanded the product line-up of EA-1000, EA-500, EA-350, EA-300, EA-200 and phono amplifiers due to a non-feedback for lovers of analog discs.

This time, any small inexactness were eliminated as a compilation of semiconductor phono amplifiers, and the built-in MC transformer was newly designed with a special split winding structure that uses a high pure copper wire PC-TripleC as the secondary winding material.

The EA-550 will be released to experience a new level of sound along with a refinement on the circuit.

Transistor phono amplifier design
Independent cabinet design for left and right channels Independent R-Core transformer for left and right channels No negative feedback circuit design

Form V-I/I-V conversion type all-stage symmetric non-feedback equalizing amplifier
Input Type (Cartridge) MM MC
Input Sensitivity 2.5 mV 0.13 mV
Suitable Cartridge Output Impedance 47 kΩ or less 1.5 to 40Ω
Gain 38 dB 64 dB
Input Equivalent S/N Ratio –120dBV –140dBV
Rated Output Voltage 200 mV (1kHz)
Rear Curve Tolerance ± 0.5 dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
Power Consumption 10W (100VAC 50 - 60Hz) for each Ch
Dimensions 211 (W) × 93 (H) ×360 (D)
Weight 5.5kg for each Ch