Oyaide MTS-6 II Power Distribution Block

Oyaide MTS-6 II Power Distribution Block
  • Oyaide MTS-6 II Power Distribution Block
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    MTS-6 II
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    Power Distribution Block
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The "MTS-6 II" inherits the stainless steel chassis and examines each part to improve localization and eliminate distortion. It is a model that allows you to fully feel the sense of localization and balance expression even in the near field. Adopting an off-white outlet face, the look that blends into the home theater and living room leaves a casual yet luxurious appearance.

Based on the "MTS-6", by reviewing the selection of each part and wiring, the "MTS-6 II" has become a well-balanced model that is even easier to pick up as a multi-tap for audio.

The material of this outlet is PBT + GF30%, which is a high density engineering plastic material that has both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation, and the braking ability has been maximized.

Non-magnetic thick brass is used for the band metal part that supports the outlet, and the conventional two baked washers configuration has been changed to a different material composite configuration with one baked washer and one Delrin washer, and multi-tap. It improves the damping effect, which is an important factor of.

A custom-made off-white color is used for the outlet face to create a look that fits elegantly in the near-field environment of bookshelf speakers and in the home theater living room.

Product name  MTS-6 II
Housing 1.6mm , thick SUS304 stainless steel housing
Outlet MTS-6 II dedicated phosphor bronze unplated buff finish
Internal wiring OFC 2mm single wire / Oyaide 3398-14
Inlet thick silver plating + thick rhodium plating
Spike OSP-SS
Solder used Oyaide SS-47
Housing dimensions / weight W70mm x D385mm x H50mm / 1800g