Teac W1200 Double Cassette Deck

Teac W1200 Double Cassette Deck
  • Teac W1200 Double Cassette Deck
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The W-1200 is a double cassette deck featuring two, one-way cassette decks, mic mixing, a USB digital output and other versatile recording features. In recent times, cassette tapes have fascinated those whom have never used them, thanks to their warm, distinctly analogue sound, not to mention the ease of recording and the ability to create 'mix-tapes'.

We set out to create a cassette deck that combined an excellent level of performance with an interface that suits the digital audio era. Not only does the W-1200 offer sound that’s close to the original, it also has a wide range of versatile facilities that allow karaoke singing, the recording of conference minutes, and even the digital recording of analogue cassettes via a computer.

The two cassette decks support recording and playback on each as they have independent drive mechanisms... owners can record on both decks simultaneously to make a pair of identical tapes at the same time. And mic input and mic mixing allow you to practice your Karaoke singing over a cassette tape or an external sound source (via LINE IN).

TEAC's decades of experience in making recording equipment are self-evident in the W-1200, particularly where the noise reduction system is concerned. It allows users to play back legacy cassette tapes originally recorded with Dolby B NR and hear them correctly. Moreover, the pitch control allows you to change playback speed to whatever’s considered appropriate while the level meters provided enable fine-tuning of recording levels. A timer REC/PLAY function is provided to allow use with a third-party audio timer.

Furthermore, the W-1200 can deliver digital audio at CD-quality (up to 48kHz/16-bit PCM) to a computer via a USB cable, allowing digital archiving of your cassette tape library. Once you've digitised them on a computer, you're able to enjoy your old tape-based music library anytime anywhere via a network player, DAP, smartphone or even in your car.

Delivering a high standard of fidelity as a recording device, combined with advanced digital technologies, the W-1200 sets a new standard for double cassette decks in the modern age.


Spec description

Deck section

Tracking system       4-track, 2-channel Stereo

Head configuration   

REC/PLAY head one each for TAPE1 and TAPE2

ERASE head      one each for TAPE1 and TAPE2

Tape speed  4.8cm/sec.

Pitch control ±12% (TAPE1 PLAYBACK only)

Fast rewinding time   approximately 120 seconds (C-60 tape)

Wow and flutter  0.25% (W.RMS)

Frequency response

Chrome tape (Type II)     30 to 15k Hz(±4dB)

Normal tape (Type I) 30 to 13k Hz(±4dB)

Total S/N ratio    59dB (at max recording level input, A-weight)


Analog audio input   

Connectors  RCA × 1 pair

Nominal input level    0.28V

Input impedance 33k ohms

Mic input     

Connector    Standard 6.3mm (1/4") stereo jack

Nominal input level    0.38mV

Input impedance 3k ohms or more

Analogue audio output    

Connector    RCA × 1 pair

Nominal output level  0.46V

Output impedance     1k ohms

Headphone output    

Connector    Standard 6.3mm (1/4") stereo jack

Output power      15mW (at 32 ohms loaded)

USB digital output    

Connector    USB Type-B

Protocol USB2.0 FULL SPEED

Sampling frequency  8k / 11.025k / 16k / 22.05k / 32k / 44.1k / 48k Hz

Bit-depth      8 / 16bit


Operating power

US / Canada       AC 120V, 60Hz

UK / Europe AC 230V 50Hz

Power consumption   22W

Dimensions  17.1"(W) × 5.7"(H) × 11.3"(D) /

435(W) × 145(H) × 285.8(D)mm


US / Canada       9.3lbs. / 4.2kg

UK / Europe 10.2lbs. / 4.6kg

Accessories Remote control (RC-1331), AA batteries × 2, RCA audio cable, Owner's Manual (including Warranty)