Ricable - Magnus Power Cable

Ricable - Magnus Power Cable
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MAGNUS POWER MKII - Hi-End Power Cable for High Fidelity Hi-Fi Shielded


The Details Make the Difference. You've certainly heard this adage before, and it encapsulates the foundations of High Fidelity. Sound detail is the responsibility of the electronics, which need a quality power supply to work efficiently. Not taking care of this detail means not preventing internal and external interference to the power supply of your equipmen


Magnus Power MKII, now with extra shielding.

Magnus Power has been a very popular product since its debut due to its high price/performance ratio, so we decided to further improve it by inserting a second Aluminium/Mylar shield before the main copper braid shield. This further upgrade, which is recognisable for products with the Mark II designation, does not result in a revolutionary or new product, but does improve its already good shielding capability.

The second screen applied allows to significantly improve the protection from EMI/RFI interference that can be found in Netzkabelduring the delicate journey from the wall socket to the electronics. Remember that this passage is very delicate because the closer you get to the equipment, the greater the interference (due to the presence of many other cables and devices) that can deteriorate the listening quality in Hi-Fi.

Substance and Quality.

PROJECT: Magnus Power MKII is made with technological solutions derived from the Dedalus series and is the first step towards the perfect power supply for your system. Even if the bigger brothers Dedalus and Invictus go further, Magnus Power guarantees an exclusive and durable support for your equipment.

MARC CONDUCTOR +70%: 4.3 mm2 copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) conductors with 0.1 mm strands with smoother and more compact surface allowing 70% better audio transmission than OFC Copper.

COPPER CONNECTORS: Finished with the brand new connectors with Copper contacts and one-piece body made of machined alloy. With these connectors there is an improvement in electrical parameters of more than 30% compared to common brass connectors. 24K Gold plated with specific Gold/Copper electrolysis technique.

PROTECTED FROM INTERFERENCE: Thanks to the external shielding with braided OFC Copper and the second shielding added in the MKII version, protection from EMI/RFI interference inside and outside Netzkabelis highly effective.

NEW CONCEPTION: Magnus Power MKII is made with geometry that derives from the superior series and takes up its philosophy of electrical signal transmission, to guarantee performance that is decidedly superior to standard cables.