Ricable - Dedalus Power Cable

Ricable - Dedalus Power Cable
  • Ricable - Dedalus Power Cable
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DEDALUS POWER - Hi-End Power Cable for Hi-Fi High Fidelity Double Shielded

NetzkabelHigh fidelity, ideal for bringing out the acoustic performance of high quality equipment. MARC 7N copper conductor and OFC pure copper connectors.

Dedalus Power

Music is a powerful language, universal in its exposition and at the same time unique in its interpretation. It excites us because, although it tells us all the same things, everyone experiences it subjectively through their state of mind. A sound reproduced with flaws cannot give you this experience and, if you want to allow your equipment to get closer to perfection, you need the right support.

Key features

Dedalus Power was created to allow you to experience what your Hi-Fi system can give you: a complete and harmonious musical experience.


PROJECT: Dedalus Power is the ideal cable to power any kind of High-End equipment. A product with attention to the smallest details, forged with materials directly derived from Invictus and with a construction logic that favours the elimination of any source of electrical noise capable of penetrating into the audio flow.

MARC conductor70% compared to OFC: 6.40 mm2 conductors made of copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) with 0.1 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface, allowing 70% better audio transmission than OFC copper.

INNOVATIVE GEOMETRY: Total double shielding with a mixed Copper/Aluminium/Mylar system, to eliminate EMI/RFI interference inside and outside Netzkabel. The whole cable is braided with a crank-rod twisting system to eliminate any stress on the conductors.

OFC COPPER CONNECTORS 50% compared to BRASS: Finished with the brand new connectors with OFC copper contacts and a one-piece billet turned alloy body. With these connectors there is an improvement in electrical parameters of over 50% compared to common brass connectors. They are 24K gold plated using a specific Gold/Copper electrolysis technique.

QUALITY AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL: Dedalus Power is made from 750-wire conductors insulated with R-TEC polymer dielectric. As well as the shielding and internal insulators, these are also derived directly from the top series Invictus.

Series models Dedalus Power :

DP15: 1.5 metre cable

DP25: 2,5 m cable

DP35 mod.: 3,5 metres cable