Ricable Invitus Digital Coaxial Cable

Ricable Invitus Digital Coaxial Cable
  • Ricable Invitus Digital Coaxial Cable
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    Dedalus VC
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    Digital Coaxial Cable
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Superior Precision and Musicality

Invictus Coaxial is extraordinary for carrying digital signals; it has been designed to prevent any interference, while maintaining inimitable musicality. Every detail has been put in place for those who only want the best.

+400% performance compared to a standard cable*.

Conductor 1.20 mm2 Copper MARC©

R-TEC total shielding and R-TEC special dielectric

OFC Copper RCC© Connectors

Noise Reduction

INVICTUS COAXIAL - Hi-End Coaxial Digital 75 Ohm RCA Hi-Fi Cable with Noise Reduction

Ideal for connecting DACs in digital audio with high-end acoustical equipment, from which you want to obtain maximum performance. MARC 7N Copper conductor and Pure OFC Copper connectors.

Invictus Coaxial

Bob Dylan used to say: 'the great thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain'. This aphorism is all the more true the closer the listening purity is to reality. With digital equipment we have now reached an impressive degree of purity, allowing us to enjoy every musical detail. However, the digital signal is as perfect as it is delicate, and for this you need equipment of unquestionable quality to support it.

Key features

Invictus Coaxial was created in this panorama to definitively support your DAC, reading machine or other digital audio equipment, where you need to treat the sound with velvet gloves.

THE BEST SUPPORT FOR YOUR DIGITAL CONNECTION: High-end cable of absolute technical, aesthetic and acoustic standing. The sound is precise, detailed and succeeds in restoring perfect musicality, just as it was designed and conceived by the equipment to be connected. Its use is universal, it can be used to connect the Digital source to the converter with the certainty of obtaining a perfect audio transmission, without any kind of distortion or alteration.

MARC CONDUCTOR 70% compared to OFC: 1.2′ mm2' conductors made of Copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) with 0.08 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface allowing 70% better audio transmission than OFC Copper.

OFC COPPER CONNECTORS 40% compared to BRASS: Connectors with contacts made entirely of OFC copper. With these connectors there is an improvement in electrical parameters of over 40% compared to common brass connectors. 24K Gold plated with specific Gold/Copper electrolysis technique.

TRIAXIAL GEOMETRY: Double shielding in full coverage OFC copper with second shielding separated by R-TEC thermoplastic polymer to maintain constant impedance at 75 Ohm and avoid any kind of noise in the audio signal.

RNR TECHNOLOGY (RICABLE NOISE REDUCTION): Reduces background noise thanks to the Germanium semiconductor on all conductors. With this system, the sound is more detailed and brighter, while maintaining a natural and balanced timbre.

Models of the Invictus Coaxial Series:


VC05: 0.5 metre cable

VC1: 1 metre cable

VC2: 2 metre cable

VC3: 3 m cable

VC5: 5 metre cable