Clef Audio Audio Grade Network Switch

Clef Audio Audio Grade Network Switch
  • Clef Audio Audio Grade Network Switch
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    StreamBRIDGE -X
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    Network Switch
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Clef Audio Audio Grade Network Switch

Thank you! for purchasing our StreamBRIDGE-X, StreamBRIDGE-X is high quality8-Port network switch that specially design for music/video streaming system.StreamBRIDGE-X utilizes high-stability & ultra low phase noise OCXO to ensureaccurate  data transmission between network equipment resulting in veryaccurate sound/video reproduction.


1. Power Indicator 

Illuminate in BLUE when AC input is supplied to StreamBRIDGE-X.

2. AC Input

Plug the supplied power cord into this connector and plug
the other end into electrical outlet.  This connector is the high qualityFurutech IEC connector which is optimized for contact resistance,EMI/RFI rejectionandgrounding.
3. Ground Mode Switch
Select LAN Ports Ground or Ground Lift connection.  Select the position
that offers the best sound/video performance on your system.
4. Power Indicator LED
Show status of network controlled board.
5. LAN Ports
Plug LAN Cable from Router IN and OUT to your audio gear.  All ports arethe same, you can plug into any port 1 to 8.

Technical Specification

Type:        8-port Gigabit Network Switch10/100/1000 Mbps.

Clock:       OCXO with Low Noise Power Supply.

Clock Stability:    + 10 ppb over -20ºC to + 70ºC

Power Supply:      Ultra Liner Power Supply.

Power Consumption:   10 Watts.

AC Requirements:     220-230V / 50Hz

Dimension (w x h x d):   244 x 63 x 160 mm.

Weight:    3.1Kgs,3.6Kgs with Packing